CSS Grafenegg/IHA Tulln


CSS Grafenegg 29.09.2017

like her size, type and overall shape, pleasing head, good eye shape, moderate neck, like her depth and spring of rib, well developed rear, balanced outline going round , would prefer more width in her rear action, presented in good coat and condition


Urteil: Vorzüglich

Richter: F.H. Whyte (GB)

IHA Tulln Tag 1

15 month, good size and proportions, nice feminine head, with enough strengh in muzzle, beautiful neck and topline and tailset, balanced angulations, balance body and good ribcage, good bone, powerful movement, a litte bit close behind, very nice coat and conditons.


Urteil: Vorzüglich 3

Richter: Jobse Sjoerd

IHA Tull Tag 2

mature, young female, exc substance, well balanced head, nice expression and eyes, good neck, nice forchest and bone, exc spring of rib, strong topline, corr tail, super back end, moves with drive, lovley color and coat, well presented, should have a bright future


Urteil: Vorzüglich 1, CACA

Richter: Fryckstrand Henric

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